Deepika Padukone told 98% Indian students she does not stand with them: Vivek Agnihotri

Chhapaak is famous for theatrical release on January 10 and also Deepika Padukone.  Whilst she had been in Delhi to foster the picture, '' she moved into the Sabarmati T-Point at Jawaharlal Nehru college to demonstrate her solidarity with all the college students, that were assaulted with a hidden mob on Sunday.  She failed to deal with audience but stood , even though previous JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar and latest President Aishe Ghosh discussed.
The City Naxals: The Growing of Buddha at a Traffic-jam writer Manufactured serious complaints contrary to the Bollywood celebs.  Vivek Agnihotri mentioned,"Folks feel this development unexpectedly faded.  However, these really are the very same faces, public, information policy, August Kranti Maidan, Carter highway as well as Bollywood styles, that arrived intolerant argument, celebrity Wapsi along with lynching problems"

When requested Deepika Padukone encouraging the college students, Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri instructed,"I emphasise their advertising and PR group, that did a fantastic position.  At 1 stroke, even they've gained a huge number of bucks' advertising.  It's ideal due to the fact her picture is all about societal injustice.  Therefore it is reasonable standup with a few folks, that are referring to societal consequences."
Vivek additionally stated this strategy is going to wind up devoting deficits to Chhapaak.  He stated,"This way, the celebrity, who's gone to market her picture with just business interest also with no ethical attention, has communicated an email to ninety eight per cent of those students she doesn't endure together with them.  This really is actually the hazard they've taken"
 He explained the celebrity's marketing plan for Chhapaak will back fire, since she's got hauled into 98 percentage of Indian college students she does not endure together with them.

This little action of Deepika Padukonecreated a feeling immediately with most folks debating about her behalf presence within television stations and societal media marketing.  Film-maker Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri, that seemed Times Now's '' The Newshour argument, condemned that the celebrity as well as also other Bollywood celebs, that are encouraging the college students' demonstration.  He explained it's a great marketing and advertising plan, however, it's certain to back fire.
Vivek Agnihotri alleged why these celebs are funded by Pakistan.  He reasoned,"All these certainly are a small number of those people, who're currently frustrated after Kashmir difficulty.  It's extremely dangerous mainly because Pakistan instigating them funds them giving them logistical organizational aid.  These folks are falling victim into it"
Even the Tashkent Documents manager included,"Should you rely on those aspiring pupils, then they wont be than 10,000, or 100,000, or even 1,000,000.  Even should they truly are just 1 crore, their portion stands suprisingly low until thirty crore college students while in the nation.  That really is barely any such thing.  The rest 98 percentage of pupils have the voice"

Vivek Agnihotrireported that few celebs out of Bollywood are still sending out a incorrect messagethat won't be acknowledged from the large part of the childhood of the nation.  He stated,"However you will find just two matters .  You can find both students and Bollywood.  Everyone is hoping to express this is actually the voice of all students.  Merely for recordings, I'd love to express that you will find approximately 800 universities, both 40,000 schools and 300 million pupils at India."

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