Total number of post offices in Kashmir is 698, all are currently functional: Ravi Shankar Prasad

"Tracking of day-to-day surgeries of article offices throughout daily studies from most of the postal branches has been manufactured and fundamental postal surgeries are guaranteed for that general public.  Pay and allowances into the team of Kashmir employed in the division of Posts have been compensated routinely," the Union mentioned.

Minister also stated the us government took several measures for its performance of this Post ministry to support judges along with other associations.  The two tails of this Higher Court of Jammu & Kashmir that's Jammu wing along with Srinagar Wing and the District Courts at Jammu, Kashmir areas are working normally earlier after August 5.

He told the division of Posts resumed unsolicited email solutions to Kashmir by the remaining part of the nation in August 1 9 and digital currency orders out of August 28.
"The division of Posts experienced suspended transmission and booking of Rate Post, Registered Post and also Parcels in August 5 to August 18 and reserving of digital currency orders to Kashmir in August 13 to August 27 due to of reasons that are operational," Prasad stated.

The Union stressed worried authorities are asked to trigger landline and mobile quantities of Post-offices along with post-masters to supply essential postal providers.
He explained email vehicle programs of Kashmir are compared to forwards email baggage to all of the article offices throughout early hrs of your afternoon to prevent any loss or damage to trade motor vehicles, email luggage, along with workers.  That allowed the shipping of email from most of delivery locations.
While responding to some query from Rajya Sabha, he mentioned there wasn't any suspension of postal solutions in Kashmir article August 5.

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