Death toll in anti-CAA protests in Assam reach 4; Congress says 'New Kashmir'

Commenting about the continued protests at Assam,'' Congress chief Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury mentioned Assam has come to be a'brand new Kashmir'.

Meanwhile, the Asom Gana Parishad (AGP), '' the BJP ally in Assam, that voted in preference of CAA mentioned that it will proceed the Supreme Court (SC) contrary to the monthly bill. 
Guwahati:The death toll at Assam protests reach four years more persons succumbed to bullet wounds from Guwahati in police shooting.  As much as 27 folks are allegedly hurt from the anti-Citizenship modification Act (CAA) protests from their nation that commenced on Wednesdayin June.
"The gist of anxiety, and discrimination was bent on the minority folks in the nation, West Bengal.  Which means that has come to be just another section of big issue.  I've already asked their local to carry necessary measures so as to block the escalation of violence," he included.
"This is an issue of problem which the full north east location, notably Assam continues to be headquartered in violence that is unquestionably damaging for the security and safety of the country.  Assam is recognized as being a very significant location for all the nation.  Using the flip side, it really is Kashmir valley and about the flip side, the brand new Kashmir which is Assam, both equally are emerging like a excellent concern"  Chowdhury informed the news service ANI.

Protests also hastens the Arabian West Bengal later President gave his assent into the controversial invoice on December 1-2 amid significant protests from Assam along with other neighboring nations.

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